Dinesh Kumar Ghimire, the current Principal Secretary of Madhesh Province since October 2023, is a distinguished bureaucrat born in Sunsari District in April 1974. From the early stages of his life, he exhibited a keen interest in public service, and his journey reflects a steadfast commitment to bridging the policy and execution gap within the civil service to uplift the quality of Nepalese lives.

Dinesh Kumar Ghimire's career trajectory is marked by various key positions in the government. From his initial role as a Section Officer at the Election Commission, where he served for about nine years, to his diplomatic assignment as the Consul General of Nepal in Chengdu, China, he has consistently demonstrated leadership, versatility, and a passion for contributing to the development of the nation.

Throughout his distinguished career, Mr. Ghimire has held significant roles at the Ministry of Industry, served as Chief District Officer (CDO) in Sarlahi and Syangja districts, and contributed to local development as Local Development Officer (LDO) in Ilam district and Executive Officer of Birgunj Sub-metropolitan city. His administrative skills were further honed during his brief term as Joint Regional Administrator at the Far Western Regional Administration Office in Dipayal.

Dinesh Kumar Ghimire's commitment to diplomatic relations and international cooperation was evident during his tenure as the Consul General in Chengdu, China, from March 2021 to September 2023. His role in fostering ties between Nepal and China showcased his dedication to enhancing bilateral relationships.

Married to Urmila, Mr. Ghimire is a family-oriented individual. Together, they are blessed with a son. His personal life, coupled with his professional endeavors, reflects a holistic commitment to creating positive change. Born in Sunsari District, Dinesh Kumar Ghimire carries with him the values of his roots, and his yearning to bridge the gap between policy and execution in civil service underscores his vision to uplift the quality of life for the people of Nepal.